Our History

Parkers Mill Road Baptist Church began as a mission arm of the Langdon Street Baptist Church of Somerset, Kentucky with 12 members. The mission received endorsement from the Langdon Street Baptist Church to begin the work on January 8, 1975. In January, 1975, land was acquired and a temporary building was constructed. The first worship service was conducted on the last Sunday morning in February, 1975.

By April, 1975, it became necessary to build an addition to the temporary structure to serve as Sunday School rooms. The mission eventually grew into a fully self-supporting work. The Parkers Mill Road Baptist Mission became the Parkers Mill Road Baptist Church in an organizational service that was held on September 26, 1976, with one hundred eleven members. On December 1, 1976, the church voted to proceed with plans for a new building. The new building was completed in October, 1978. The first service was held in the new building on Sunday, November 5, 1978.

Bro. Sidgle (S.L) Sears was the founding pastor of the Parkers Mill Road Baptist Church and provided tremendous vision and leadership in the establishment, construction, and advancement of Parkers Mill Road Baptist Church.

The church has been served by four additional men as her pastor through the years; Bro. Larry Butte, Bro. Doug Lehmann, Bro. Eugene Tarter, and our current pastor, Bro. Darry Hatfield.